2D Shapes Quiz

1) Which shape has 3 sides?

2) Name the shape with 5 sides

3) Name a shape that has 4 straight equal sides

4) Which of the shapes has 7 sides?

5) The shape with 4 unequal sides is called a …

6) An octopus has 8 arms, so an ________ has 8 sides

7) The shape with 6 sides is called a …

8) A tricycle has 3 wheels and a ________ has 3 sides

9) I have just 1 curved side. What am I?

10) I have 4 corners and 2 sets of sides that are equal in size. What am I?

Answers (in Order):

Triangle, Pentagon, Square, Heptagon, Quadrilateral, Octagon, Hexagon, Triangle, Circle, Rectangle



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